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Light codes!

As spiritual beings, we exist on many different dimensions.

Being aware of all of these dimensions is not only impossible due to the infinite levels of existence but also unnecessary.

Since one of the properties of Consciousness is functioning with intention and purpose, other dimensions are revealed to us only when important and beneficial to our soul’s journey. Similarly, becoming aware of our spiritual capacities is dependent on our soul’s path and its need to express itself at a certain time.

Last week I had this sudden longing (or intuition) for meeting other star families that I haven’t been aware of yet. Even though I know that every intuition or feeling has a further message or meaning, this time I did not really try to look for it.

A couple of days later I woke up at 3 a.m. to see that a friend of mine left a message; "The Guides of the Solar System of Blue Planets want me to know that they are here and that it is important for me to remember that they support me in my mission and that I can rely on their help."

So half asleep I asked to speak to them and immediately saw several light beings forming a circle. They started speaking to me in a language that I do not know and yet I could speak fluently!

Then they came closer as if they wanted to show me something in a clear way. I saw different forms of what seemed to be light-made symbols coming from them and entering my third eye. Usually when I receive information from light beings I feel it on the physical and intuitive levels but this time I could see it too!

I was very excited to be able to see this magnificent light language which looked like musical notes made of geometrical shapes and crystalline white light!

When I asked why it's happenning now, the answer was because I have to remember these light codes in order to transmit them consciously since ascension has been accelerated!

Apparently I was passing some of this information on unconsciously. But now I can do it in a conscious way by telepathy and by drawing them over the body (if possible). Those light codes are transformation codes that help people awaken to their true nature and align to their Higher self.

I didn’t really expect this to happen but obviously it was time for me to integrate another part of my spiritual abilities and to apply this light codes transmission in my practice.

I'm ready and always honored and grateful to be in service of the Light!

QuantEssence - spiritual alignment

Light codes are energy patterns encoded with healing and transformational capacities.

When put together in a series, they are called Light language. 

The shapes a Light code appears in can be aspects of Divine Consciousness or aspects of sacred knowledge being shown or downloaded to the receiver.

Sending information via light coding to a person from The Spirit World is a way for Divine Consciousness to bypass the mind. 

Light codes allow the healing energy to enter the body in an easier way because our mind can sometimes block receiving.

They can program the energy aspects of healing or transformation into the body and change the way our energy responds.


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