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It’s time to create!

It’s really not the time anymore...

It’s not the time anymore to criticize the human ego or the artificial matrix. It’s not the time anymore to blame, to focus on the discrepancies, to be frustrated with those who know less, those who are still not “awake”.

It’s the time however to say no, to say stop, this system of survival doesn't suite me anymore. It’s the time to understand why things happen that way, why is there injustice in this world, why we're going to extreme destructive behaviors and search for solutions.

It’s the time to look for efficient solutions. What happened and is still happening is to be used as material to make better choices, for evolution.

It’s time to ask questions: How can we do better? What is missing in order to create constructively?

It’s the time to dig deep and search for answers in order to evolve from this survival-based living and consciously start creating!

But how do we create?

Those who start their awakening journey begin with opening their eyes wide and seeing the system for what it is.

This often leads to a state of rebellion, which is healthy for a certain extent. It helps one voice his right to say no and express the need for change.

But this should only be a stage.

Normally it's the very first step in awakening but not the ultimate point to reach.

The second step in the awakening journey is transcending this rebellion and having comprehension and compassion for the world.

Now I’m addressing my words to those who are still in the first stage. I’m addressing my words to those who think they know better, those who have still not found their home on Earth,… those who are actually here to witness the unbalance or the disharmony.

Those of you who are aware of this and see clear are the ones who have the solutions.

You are here to show the way to a constructive creation.

You are here to help others see what is needed, what is missing in order to create a better way of living.

What you lack is what you become. Injustice helps you become fair and understand your power. Chaos helps you understand the mechanisms of creation.

Everything is an opportunity for you to learn and grow into a conscious creator.

Yet many of you are still nagging; what am I doing here? I’m not used to this horrible injustice. I want to go home… to peace and harmony. Well you're here to create this home of yours and you have all the capacities to do so!

But you prefer to stay in the first stage because you might be scared. You might be scared because deep inside you know you are like all the others that you blame, and that the power that you have can both create and destroy. So what makes it different now? How can you be sure to create in a constructive way and not to destroy? How can you use your power for the good?

As the planet Earth is shifting from survival to creation mode many might have fears about their own power. Some say that they fear their own light. But this is not true. It’s not the light that scares you but the shadow aspect of it. And so the answer to the questions above is simple.

But while the answer is simple, you are here to take your time necessary to reach it.

For the answer is to understand your essence in a material world, to understand what unconditional love is and to go back to unity and oneness. When you are there, you cannot destroy. It is simply not possible.

So before starting to create, take the time to understand yourself, understand what love truly is and what you’re made of. This is what is missing and what is needed right now. Unconditional love entails comprehension and compassion for oneself and for the other, it implies connection and sharing. In unconditional love, my best interest is that of the other and vice versa.

It’s not about unrevealing secrets, pointing fingers and sharing information anymore, it’s about creating with the new energy, it’s about building community, about sharing the love that we are!

So, let’s not stay there, blaming the system and looking at how power is being misused but start asking ourselves, now that we know better, how do we want to live our life? How can we create consciously?

With love creation becomes safe, simple, and easy.

Conscious creation gives birth to harmony and harmony is our home.

If you become the love that you are in the physical world, if you create a harmonious life for yourself, if you create home on Earth, you help the entire world to do the same and you help create new Earth!


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