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Glimpses of Lemuria!

Aquatic life is so common in universal creations.

At one time on Earth, if we look at time in a linear way, there were many aquatic species with brain capacities as good as and better than that of modern humans. Mermaids are one example.

In fact the intelligence of these aquatic species was unquestionable, and the old myths of the sea gods were born from these species.

The Lemurians were initially part of these aquatic beings. They had large eyes, blue and sandy skin, and could live as well in water as on land.

They came from the Hathors who initially came from Venus, the Hyades and Lyra, as well as, from the Pleiades and Sirius, and other planets.

The Lemurians were on Earth, on what is called Mu, in order to prepare for life, then to accompany and guide humans in their earthly experience.

Crystals were very important and activated by love energy to be distributed all over Earth in order to balance its life force and help it be more fertile to life.

Healings were done very naturally as the first Lemurians were highly connected to the Light. They also considered themselves as one with Earth because they didn’t actually have the notion of separation and individualism was less experienced.

At first they had no gender but then they developed energetic polarities and the first man and women were eventually created in human form.

Women were highly intuitive and transmitted universal knowledge. They were the highest spiritual reference. In fact, Lemuria was reigned by the non hierarchical ways of the divine feminine contrary to Atlantis which was more patriarchal.

Connection and telepathy were means of communication and understanding. No language was used at first, except for sounds and singing that would transmit the right information into the body and soul, without the need for it to be mentally understood beforehand.

They were masters of will, and highly used imagination as well as the understanding of the divine forces through observation and collaboration with nature.

Men developed the mastery of elements through will power while women developed spiritual capacities and transmission of knowledge.

Spiritual interpretation of observed natural phenomenon leading to the understanding of the good and the bad and creating appropriate ways of living, started with women, and so did memory, in order for this information to be transmitted to other generations for the development of the human being.

In our times, more people will find themselves reconnecting with their Lemurian lives and the divine feminine, in order to bring harmony in relationships with themselves, with others and with planet Earth and attain a spiritual alignment in a new way appropriate to the current life where the human being is able to value his individualism as well as his vastness or unlimited essence at the same time.


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