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Be Assertive about your Light!

In a quantum healing session, the client found out that she was a star in space, a ball of pure light shining in the dark. This experience is very recurrent in quantum healing.

At one time she had to go spread her light elsewhere. She went through a dark tunnel that felt tight and restricting for her. At the end of the tunnel there was light. But this light didn’t seem familiar to her so she resisted going further. Then she burst with tears! She had to be there even though it’s not where she belongs. She had to spread her light in a place where it’s needed, here on Earth. She spent her life feeling different and alienated. She was rejected, betrayed and abused but she kept giving and helping others. She also thought she had to dim her light afraid of being attacked because she’s different. But she kept giving to others and not giving enough to herself. The way people treated her made her lose confidence ...

But now she knows better! She remembers that her light cannot be contained and should not be dimmed. Now she knows that she shouldn’t let others affect her. She had to see herself again for who she truly is and never forget. She has to stay in her light that will help others without any strain, without exhausting herself.

This is an advice that comes up very often in sessions. One has to spend more time anchoring the light and securing its position within. Self doubt and lack of self confidence are counteractive for the light. Being assertive about one’s truth and aligning with one's own inner light is essential in these times!

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