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Angels are awakening!

In quantum healing sessions (QuantEssence), people get to explore and remember their multidimensional nature. Though that could be anything from terrestrial or extraterrestrial existences to pure light or energy, the emphasis has been lately on the Angelic dimension.

It is no coincidence that more and more people are awakening to their Angelic origin. For it is now the time more than ever for Earth Angels to remember who they truly are and why they are here. Like all other light workers their mission is big and crucial for the evolution of planet Earth.

Some Earth Angels choose to experience duality in an intensive manner so that they can help others transcend it. They have an unconditional love for Earth and humanity and are here to let their light shine so bright for people to see, follow and heal.

The most common message for Earth Angels is to guide others with love and through words and to use their hands for healing. They are also reminded to keep their connection constant with the angelic realm to remember that they are never alone.

The most common signs of being an Angel in a human body are:

- Being highly sensitive; can feel both positive and negative emotions in more intense ways than others.

- Being highly intuitive; is able to connect to the spiritual and invisible realm and can easily feel and understand others.

- Feeling always protected; usually keeps faith in the hardest situations and seeks to know his mission.

- Can feel alienated and sometimes eager to leave the earthly dimension but his intuition and faith keep him going.

- Having hard time setting boundaries; always tends to put others needs before his own which can quickly deplete his energy resources.

- Seeking harmony and having difficulty dealing with harm and manipulation.

- Feeling responsible for everyone and everything and can thus feel guilty for not being able to help or fearful of not being able to accomplish his mission.

- Can have hard time dealing with the materialistic world and is more focused on love and connections rather than status and possessions, which can lead to lack of self confidence in his productivity, although he can excel in all domains.

- Having many skills and interests which can make him get confused to choose any.

- Being very attractive energetically; people feel good around him and can heal in his presence.

- Being a natural guide, excellent listener, and a very compassionate and understanding person.

- Being able to forgive people so easily.

It is important to say that the challenges that Earth Angels face help them to better understand and manage the physical world including limitations and boundaries. That also motivates them to help people find better ways of living. And despite the differences due to their nature, they can manifest and attain harmony and abundance on all levels for they are the way-showers to New Earth!

~ Do you identify with this?

~ If you want to discover your true nature, I will be happy to guide you:

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