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All is union, all is One

In the light of Universal love, we sprang forth, sparks of life, sparks of love in the darkness.

We shaped the shadow to create matter, and integrated it around everything into the whole.

And so we created EVERYTHING.

Neither light nor shadow, matter nor ether, just Being. In a multitude of different forms. Each one necessary to the fulfillment of the ALL.

Each is different to experience every state, every impulse, every emotion, every vibration.

Unifying with each beat the fibers of the web of universal consciousness.

Be aware of this harmony in the whole.

Let each of your life impulses feed the infinite network of Spirit.

Nothing is opposition, nothing is distinct.

All is union, all is One.

In joy and sorrow, in love and absence, in union and separation, in life and death.

All is but an expression of what you call the divine, the presence of the union of everything within you.



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